Our multi-disciplinary approach and deep, practical industry knowledge, skills and capabilities help our clients meet challenges and respond to opportunities. We develop plans; procedures; re-engineer processes; imbed capabilities through innovative training processes and proven methods. 

The QTG service offerings are:

Program Management
. Link strategic goals with business initiatives.
. Supported multiple projects in geographically dispersed locations.
. Diverse experience with requirements from client base.
. Forecast and mitigate risks to mission operations due to changing requirements and priorities.

In a volatile and fast-paced market, businesses need to tackle new challenges, embrace emerging technologies, and engage with customers effectively and efficiently. 

QTG through its legions of experts, directs and leads the client’s projects on a winning trajectory. With enhanced methodologies to help organizations take advantage of opportunities, we implement new initiatives, mitigate risks and drive results that streamline processes, reduce costs and increase your bottom line.

Quality / Safety System
. QMS / SMS design, development, and implementation.
. Lean / Six Sigma deployment. 
. 8D, 5S, 5 Why expertise and more.

Our insight, experience, and expertise gained from a diverse portfolio of DoD, Civilian, State, Local, and Fortune 500 private sector clients positions us to help our clientele, achieve their mission and objectives. 


  • Address complex organizational structures and hierarchies
  • Increase transparency in productivity and performance
  • Attain quality/safety improvement and audit readiness
  • Assess against commercial best practices
  • Source, develop, and retain talent
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Technical Training / Development
. LSS process, and tools training. 
. Facilitation training.
. ISO 9001 Familiarization.
. Auditor & Inspector training.
. Safety Leadership training.

To thrive in today’s marketplace, one must never stop learning. Here we offer our latest thinking and top-of-mind resources. 

Supply Chain / Logistics
. Optimize your supply chain.
. Adept at crisis management and able to deliver results in austere conditions.
. Improve the quality and accessibility of data.

Whether you are the CEO of an expanding corporation or the owner of a fledgling enterprise, its fortunes are subject to an undeniable truth. The success of your business is inextricably linked to the performance of your supply chain. If you want business success, you have to make your supply chain successful too. QTG is dedicated to lead partners through this maze to a successful destination. Success.